Claiming Land

The wilderness is not safe. Even if you build a house to protect yourself, other players may try to raid your house and burn it down to ashes. You can't be attacked when you are on your own property.

Creating Land

Let's learn how to claim land. You can get started by using "/lands create <name>". Replace <name> with what you want to name your land! If you don't feel like creating your own land, you can also join someone else's land. They have to invite you using the land GUI (For more information about accessing the GUI, please read the next section). To check if you have any incoming invites, use "/lands invites". To claim more chunks of land, just use "/lands claim". The first chunk costs $1000. To create a claim costs $5000. Every claim after the first one costs 8% more than before. If you decide to unclaim a chunk, you will be refunded 75% of what you bought it for. For more information on the commands, "/lands help" will give you a list.

Editing Land Settings and Permissions

To edit settings/permissions for your land, use the command "/lands" and a GUI will pop up on your screen. It's self-explanatory, so there's nothing more to see here.


Areas are pretty self-explanatory as well. You can create areas inside lands. Some might say this is completely useless, but it's pretty helpful for land owners when it comes to organization. The minimum size of an area is 20 blocks. If you'd like to change this, just contact a staff member and they'll do it for you if it's reasonable.


Yes, the owner of the land can choose to charge taxes. By default, taxes are charged every 30 days. The owner can change the amount of tax to charge as well as how often to charge it. If the owner settles the price of the taxes at $500 per month, this means you have to pay $500 per chunk. The bigger your land is, the more chunks it has, resulting in more taxes. The maximum amount of tax the owner can choose to charge is $100,000. If you fail to pay these taxes, you will automatically be kicked from the land. The taxes will be deposited into the bank account within your land. (Note: Your personal bank account and your land's bank account are not the same.) If you haven't paid your taxes for the following month, you will be warned 45 minutes before getting kicked.

Note: If your entire lands do not have sufficient funds, the last claimed chunks will be deleted.

Extra Info

If the owner isn't active for 3 months (90 days), the land will be automatically deleted. If there is more than 1 member in a land, the ownership will be transferred to the next person of the highest authority. Any members in a land who are not active for 1 month (30 days) will be automatically kicked from the land.

The following projectiles are prevented from coming into a land from the wilderness. If you would like to add any to the list, contact a staff member and they will add it for you if it's reasonable. (Note: These projectiles are only blocked from coming inside. If a projectile is projected from inside of the land, it will work as usual.)

  • Any type of arrow

  • Any type of fireball (includes dragon fireball)

  • Egg

  • Snowball

  • Ender Pearl

  • Any type of firework

  • Fish Hook

  • Lingering Potion/Splash Potion

  • Llama Spit

  • Shulker Bullet

  • Exp Bottles

  • Trident

  • Wither Skull

  • Any type of throwable projectile

"/lands top" refers to the biggest claims on the server. You can also use "/lands" or "/l" instead of "/land". There's no difference between the 3, just use whichever is more comfortable for you. We make automatic backups for your land every 7 days. They are deleted after 180 days. You can request to recover a backup and the staff team will make a decision. Information about the bank account within your land can be found here.