At DirtyDingo, we host events so our players NEVER get bored! Pop in and take a look, you'll love it.

Hunger Games [COMING SOON]

24 tributes from 12 districts fight to the death inside an arena for the ultimate showdown. DirtyDingo hosts the BEST games you will ever watch on a weekly basis. We have features you won't see on any other server. Starting from the reaping to the victory tour, it's an experience you will love. Engulf yourself and get ready for the show!


Here at DirtyDingo, we created a fork of the original UHC. Featuring many unexpected twists in our new event, any PvP lover is sure to enjoy our UHC edition. More information can be found here.


Prepare for a quest of survival and speed as players try to beat Minecraft, racing against 99 other players. PvP is enabled and just one death is equal to elimination.